6 Sexy-Time Toys We’re Craving

Most of the time, a glance at a vibrator doesn’t exactly evoke the thought — “Oh, that’s really chic." But, for Crave, a SoMa-based sex-toy company, it is seemingly reinventing the sexy-time wheel. Crave is lauded for its personal, elegant, and actually stylish array of playthings, making eye-catching toys and accessories.
All of its handcrafted wonders are made right here in S.F., and thanks to founders Michael Topolovac and Ti Chang, no detail is overlooked — from the sleek shapes to the body-contouring silhouettes to elements enabling super-discreet usage. One of Crave’s products even does double time, acting as a data-storing device that hooks up to the comp. So techy! But, we’ll stop there and let you ogle these beauts yourself and see some of the items we’re most excited about.