50 Under-$50 Gifts You'd Actually Want

It's that special time of year when pine trees line the sidewalks, parties crowd many a sociable person's schedule (I've heard), and presents fly off the shelves into the eager arms of guilt-ridden consumers who are just now realizing that nothing says, "You matter to me!" quite like a Starbucks gift card.

Wait, come again? You haven't gone Christmas-shopping yet? Or Hanukkah-shopping? Or even non-denominational obligatory-token-of-my-affection shopping?! That's all right. We've all procrastinated at one point or another, even when the happiness of our close friends and relatives is at stake. (Dads appreciate a heartfelt IOU as much as a new tie, right?) Ahead, 50 fun ideas for the last-minute shoppers among us — you know who you are.

No matter who you're shopping for or what your budget is, Refinery29 has all the holiday picks you need right here.

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