5 Crucial Parts Of Wedding Planning, Explained

After a year-long engagement, it's finally our wedding month! To continue with the lead-up to this momentous life milestone (and because I've had so many people request this episode!), I decided to share all the elements of our wedding planning process. 
Every bride and groom dreams of a different wedding. Some want huge blowout parties and others want small intimate moments with only their closest friends and family. Michael and I both have pretty large families, and we've always wanted a relatively big party to celebrate our wedding day (which also happens to be our 10 year anniversary year!). For that reason, this video is definitely tailored towards people who are planning large, traditional weddings. If you're having a smaller wedding, however, you still might pick up some helpful tips and tricks.
For the purpose of this video, I chose five aspects of wedding planning that I think are the most vital for a bride-to-be: selecting a venue, designing your color scheme and flowers, creating your invitations, finding your dress, and choosing the food. There's obviously so much more that goes into planning a wedding (think: selecting your band or DJ, photographer and videographer, building your wedding registry, planning a honeymoon and so much more) — WAY more than I could even begin to fit in one YouTube video.
Wedding planning can take quite a long time. For some, this process starts a year or more in advance. We began planning sixteen whole months ahead of our wedding date! But, after all of the preparation, the payoff is a memorable celebration of your love with the people who love you the most. And now we're just counting down the days!

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