YouTube’s Coolest Employees Show Us Around Their Rad HQ

If we’re ever in need of a quick, virtual respite from our work (shhh, don’t tell!) — YouTube is our private, online panic room of sorts. One click and we’re lost in a hilarious voyage of "Charlie Bit My Finger," "Gangnam Style," "Keyboard Cat," and other cult-classic videos that bring on that ear-to-ear grin.
So, you can bet we were hell-bent on peering into the palatial San Bruno HQ to see where all the magic happens. Not only were our mouths agape while checking out the wild digs (does your office have a fun slide and mini-golf course?), we also met six stylish, whip-smart employees along the way. From the fresh eats to the innovative BrandLab, see for yourself why YouTube is a literal hub of inspiration. Get ready for a dose of major office envy!
Photographed by Michelle Drewes

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