Giant Headbands For Little Babies Have Us At A Loss For Words

While we're still here musing over the lost objects of our childhood (socks with sandals, Crayola 64 packs), the fashion-forward kids of today are in a whole new league of their own. Case in point: Le Tour de Force, the English brand known for their innovative sculptural headpieces, has teamed up with Little Fashion Gallery to make pint-sized versions of their poofy headbands that somehow miss the mark despite being easy walking targets. The glorious bow-and-ribbon accents are about two times the size of the child's head, and four times as wacky. Any bets on which celebrity spawn will be wearing one of these first? Given little Suri Cruise's penchant for strange headgear, we could almost see TomKat putting her up in one of these.... (Kingdom of Style)

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