Print A Custom 3D Horoscope Based Off Your Facebook Profile

Though you'd never admit it, you probably consider yourself an amateur Sherlock Holmes by the way you're able to use a person's recent Facebook status updates, current relationships, and wall posts to deduce that your ex boyfriend is dating a huge loser or your new roommate is the coolest person, ever.
The Creators Project's newest collaboration with Shapeways takes your hobby to the next level. The three apps use your interests, your Likes history, your relationship, and status updates to create a personalized tchotchkie using 3D printing technology. Monster Me is an interactive game that creates a stupidly adorable monster that you can send off to get printed, and Crystallized makes jagged rock gemstones, and — our personal favorite — Astrverb creates stainless steel horoscopes based off of data gleaned from your Facebook profile. Play around with all three apps at The Creators Project.

Photos: Courtesy of The Creators Project

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