5 Curvy Gals Share Their Shopping Secrets

While the fashion industry is inundated with images of towering, pin-thin, brooding women, the majority of America doesn't resemble Kate Moss and Karlie Kloss (despite just how carefully you pick out those Calvins or how often you work at your abs).
But one of the most encouraging things about the Internet-run industry we live in today is that some of the influential personalities, the most inspiring fashion experts, and the most stylish, too boot, are women who haven't been cherry-picked based on the circumference of their waist or distance between their eyes, but rather their wit, their taste, and the way they make fashion feel like we all own it.
Consequentially, these women also look a whole lot like the rest of America. Call them plus-size bloggers or full-figured fashion stars, but we consider them just sartorial geniuses, pure and simple. We've asked five of our curvy-girl friends to spill on their personal style secrets and shopping tips for navigating a sea of muumuus.