No “Maybe” About It: 5 Songs to Help You Get Your Flirt On

Unless you're a 14-year-old girl, or the U.S. Olympic Swim Team, using "Call Me Maybe" as a pick-up line probably isn't your best bet. As stylish, sophisticated Angelenos, we should never have to settle for any ambiguity. If we get the gumption to drop our digits, we do so with confidence! For some, all it takes is a little liquid courage to cozy up to the cutie across the Roger Room or Palihouse lounge, but we believe nothing works better than some musical motivation to inflate an ego.
You never know when you're going to need an extra pep in your step to slide over to the the tall, dark someone with a sweet smile — so, we've gone ahead and put together the best confidence-boosting songs to help you tap into those womanly wiles. These tunes just might give you the push you need to say "call me." (Definitely ditch the maybe!).
"Love to the Test" by Niki & the Dove Simple and to the point, Niki & the Dove have created a fun, poppy song about love at first sight. The chorus alone provides all the means necessary to get you in the mood for a new romance: "The first time I saw you/ I thought baby can I hold you/ What's the time/ And what's your number, boy?" She doesn't waste any time in this ode to initial attraction, and hopefully it will inspire you to just go for it, too!

"Oh My Goodness" by Olly Murs

Sugary-sweet lyrics and smooth singing make "Oh My Goodness" a great go-get-him jam. Murs croons, "I'm gonna go for it/ Hope you're ready for it." Sounds like the perfect pump-up when scoping out new dating material! Cue this song before approaching the cutie playing catch with his pup at the the Laurel Canyon Dog Park, or the hottie who held the door for you at Commissary.

"Wild Ones" by Flo Rida featuring Sia

If bad boys are more your speed, "Wild Ones" is the song you want to rock out to. Whether you're "shutting down the club" or admiring some guy's ink while he's playing pool — when this song comes on, confidence levels boost big time! Channel your inner wild one with this tune, and turn on the charm while you're on the prowl.

"On a Mission" by Katy B Brash and brazen, Katy B's sassy song is all about the bold moves. Sometimes Laurel Hardware and Harvard & Stone are a little too loud to make a verbal move — and, yelling "What?" a million times into some guy's ear isn't exactly attractive! If you spot a dapper dude across the club, or bump into a particularly beautiful boy, take a page from Katy B's playbook: "He blocks my way/ I try to push past but he wants to play/ So I sip his drink as I hold his gaze." This song is all about making an impression!

"Call Me" by Kimbra

Funky, body-moving beats help make "Call Me" an easy flirting song. This tune is for those long-term flirtations that haven't turned into anything ... yet. Maybe it's the hottie in the office who always makes you laugh, or the man you make small talk with every day in the elevator — either way, Kimbra's singing your song.


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