See What Katy Perry Looks Like Without The Wig

We're so used to seeing Katy Perry all dolled up in skintight dresses, spinning bras, and a rainbow of different wigs that when we do see her looking like a normal person, it's hard to believe our eyes. The human piece of candy singer got glam in a campaign for British beauty brand GHD, and we gotta admit: We like KP's softer side.
This is definitely a case of a runaway Photoshopper (nobody's skin looks like that, even with pounds of makeup), but still — we're so relieved to see her without purple eyeshadow and pink lipstick that these feel like a breath of fresh air. Ellen von Unwerth shot these photos just at the end of Katy's latest world tour, but she looks anything but tired; in fact, she's the image of precious perfection in diamonds and super-shiny waves. And evidently her attitude is as serene as her hairstyle, because she doesn't look the least bit bothered by the fact that at one point she's hanging from a chandelier in a corset. (Grazia UK)
Click through for more photos. Do you prefer this castle-dwelling Katy to the Candyland version?

Photos: Courtesy of GHD

Photos: Courtesy of GHD Kp_3
Photos: Courtesy of GHD

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