Listen Up! 5 Summer Songs We’re Totally Stuck On

Ever find yourself clicking away at your MacBook or sifting through the latest sample sale only to find yourself humming along to that catchy tune for the umpteenth time? No doubt, summer's the season for earworm songs — just ask Carly Rae Jepsen or Gotye, who are still dominating the charts. Here at R29, we've rounded up the catchiest, can't-get-out-of-your-head tunes from our sunny city's best bands. Listen up and learn why we don't mind having these tracks on constant repeat — just don't blame us if they stick to your brain like glue, too!

"Lovely Cup" by Grouplove
Recognize these folks from Glee? Sure, their chart-topping hit "Tongue Tied" was featured on the primetime TV show, but that's not all they're known for: The band has also gained serious success with the debut album, Never Trust a Happy Song. This L.A. indie rock band continuously churns out super-infectious tunes like "Lovely Cup," which have smooth bass lines, sweet guitar licks, and the sort of repetitious lyrics that were born for the sole purpose of burrowing deep into your mind.


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"Sweater Weather" by The Neighbourhood

We confessed our love for this jam way back when, but for obvious reasons it's crept back into our consciousness. It might be the bouncing backbeats or the catchy crooning of lead singer Jesse Rutherford, but we can't help but smile every time this song slides into our minds. We just want to get wrapped up in "Sweater Weather" as much as our favorite cardigan.

"Forever" by Haim

Not only do we love the ladies of Haim for their impeccable style, but let's not forget about their impressively addictive jams! This track is the kind of summer song you never want to go away: poppy, catchy, and clever — a triple threat if you will.

"Honest Feedback" by Saint Motel

It's a near impossible feat to listen to this song and not want to sing along. Or, at the very least, do a swinging-'60s babe-on-the-beach impression (when no one's looking, of course!). Saint Motel has that magical mixture of nostalgia and current indie rock that makes you want to fully immerse yourself in the band's fun tunes.

"Turn the Knife" by Voxhaul Broadcast

The group's newest work, Frozen Beach EP, dropped just last week, and we've somehow already managed to memorize this hook. The soul-pop quartet have made a big splash in the L.A. music scene and we can see why: "Turn the Knife" sticks in your ear like pool water. But this time we're not too eager to shake this sucker out!

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