Smash! Bang! Kapow! It’s The Great Gatsby Trailer!

And away we go! Seems Director/ rapacious human/ Four Loko can Baz Luhrmann is doing exactly what he did to William Shakespeare to F. Scott Fitzgerald. Right away, the rich detail, glam, and glitz of the trailer for his The Great Gatsby punches you square in the jaw with an opera-gloved hand. Scored to a Kanye song and featuring the spires of Manhattan rising in CGI glory, the beautiful Carey Mulligan, and Leo DiCaprio's impressive forehead, it looks at least twice as explosive, awesome, and wonderfully over-the-top as anything Luhrmann’s done since Romeo + Juliet. Of course, anyone who’s actually read The Great Gatsby (i.e. 90% of America) might note that the novel isn’t itself explosive or wonderfully over-the-top. It’s a restrained, sad, slow burn — a heartbreaker under glass. This trailer is all silk dresses and digital fireworks. Whatever — faithful in spirit or not, we’re still watching the hell out this blinged-out, manic interpretation of the great American novel come Christmas.

Video: Via Youtube

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