15 Hill-Friendly Boots (& Booties) Made For S.F. Walkin’

While the lure of a soaring platform heel is sometimes impossible to resist, our steep city streets (not to mention unpredictable microclimates) make the cutest of shoes supremely tricky to wear on the daily. To help you Bay Area babes add oomph and ease to the weekly grind of trekking uphill and downhill, we've rounded up a crop of 15 ultra-wearable boots (and booties) that are either flat or come with totally manageable inclines that won't have you risking face plants.
From sleek Chelsea-style silhouettes to trendy options featuring buckles, glitter, and even leopard print, these kicks are as cute as they are walkable. Ready to re-boot your spring footwear arsenal? Click through for plenty of completely practical inspiration!