Refinery29's Halloween Stars: Kate Young Takes on Donatella

Short on inspiration for Halloween this Friday? Refinery29's favorite people share their best and worst trick-or-treating moments to help you prepare for the holiday in style.
Kate Young, Stylist—Donatella Versace and Betty "Childs" from Revenge of the Nerds.
What's the best costume you've ever had?
I was the queen of hearts when I was eight in a handmade costume that was SO COOL.
What's the best costume you've ever seen?
Lisa from Vena Cava as a bodega complete with Hot 97 soundtrack.
What was your candy strategy as a kid?
I loved any candy as a kid. My parents were macrobiotic so it was super exciting to get some sugar.
What's the most absurd "sexy" costume imaginable?
I'm ashamed to say that I was a "Fly Girl" a few times.
Have you ever had a wardrobe malfunction?
Never warm enough!
Do you any costume pet peeves?
Sexy cat costumes on girls.
What was the schlockiest last-minute costume you've ever seen?
When people just wear their normal clothes and are pathetic about it (i.e. they have no clever excuse).
What's your best Halloween moment?
When 15 of us where the cast of Revenge of the Nerds.
Do you have plans for this year?
I'm going as Cindy McCain! That way, I can drink a lot of beer!

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