Refinery29’s Halloween Stars: Lisa Mayock Goes to the Bodega

-245 Short on inspiration for Halloween this Friday? Refinery29's favorite people share their best and worst trick-or-treating moments to help you prepare for the holiday in style.
Lisa Mayock, Co-designer, Vena Cava—"Bodega"
What's the best costume you've ever had?
Last year I was a bodega for Halloween. I made some cash selling the condoms and some birthday candles that were stapled onto my shirt. It went over pretty well—especially the music. I think everyone secretly loves "La Mega."
Best costume you've ever seen?
A large-boned redheaded dude dressed as "Annie." His dress was way, way too short and he got points for finding patent-leather Mary Janes in his size.
What was your candy strategy as a kid?
I was not so into the candy as a kid. I just always wanted to eat lasagna, like Garfield!
What is the most absurd "sexy" costume imaginable?
A cat costume that just involves ears and some outfit that's black and slutty. I'm not a fan of sexy costumes period, but that one's the worst.
Have you ever had a "wardrobe malfunction"?
Not yet, but last year, the headpiece of my bodega costume was so big, I couldn't walk through doors, which was kind of a bummer.
What was the schlockiest last-minute costume you've had?
An exercise bunny—it was a bunny mask, sweatbands, and a baggy nylon tracksuit. (My half Freddy Prince Jr./ half Freddy Mercury costume did NOT work out as I imagined it and I had 45 minutes to figure something else out.)
Any plans for this year?
I'm going as a podium.
Photograph by Joshua Lucas Farley

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