Snooki Talks Politics, Perfumes, And Vajazzling

Yesterday afternoon everyone's favorite Jersey Shore meatball took a break from her hectic schedule of GTL-ing, falling down, and dancing on bars to celebrate the launch of her first fragrance, Snooki by Nicole Polizzi. As expected, the room was decked out in hot pink and animal prints galore. Perched upon a gold lamé throne with some of the sickest nails we've seen, the pint-sized reality queen unloaded on everything from Kim Kardashian's divorce to why she's a woman of the people. Maybe an Occupy Wall Street visit won't be far off?

Tell us about your fragrance.
"I definitely wanted me on it [the box]. And I wasn't sure if I wanted to do leopard print or zebra, so I did both! The scents are kiwi, beach flower – which is what's in tanning oil — and boardwalk wood. I wanted to incorporate the show, which is why I used the boardwalk wood, and tanning because I love to be tan, and kiwi because it's sweet and bubbly. I wanted it to represent my personality. It will be available November 10 on HSN and at Perfumania."


Besides yourself, who do you think is the most relevant reality star?
"I would say Kim Kardashian because she's always doing shit to put herself out there. Like she just got married and is already divorced."

What do you think about that?
"I dunno. I feel like she shouldn't have even gotten married. I know for me, when I get married, that's the only time I'm getting married. I don't think she was ready."

Would you ever spend that much money on a wedding?
"No. My wedding is going to be small and have all my family, and that's it. It doesn't have to be a princess wedding. I'm not high-maintenence like that."

Have you ever been vajazzled?
"No. I would never. That's disgusting. I don't want someone seeing my vagina."

So, what do you do when you wax?
"I don't wax. I shave. I even freak out when I have to get a pap smear! I don't like anyone looking down there besides my boyfriend."

What were you wearing when you met your boyfriend's parents?
"I don't remember, but it was probably an animal print dress. They love me!"

Who's your favorite designer?
"I'm not really a designer girl. I still like to shop at Mandees and Forever 21. I don't even look at designers."

What are your five must-haves for fall/winter?
"A beanie hat, my Snooki slippers, fuzzy boots, cropped sweaters, and leggings."

Would you consider yourself part of the 1% or the 99%?
"I would probably be in the 99%. I wouldn't consider myself rich, even though I'm doing well, but I'm a cheap-o at heart. This whole outfit costs $40. Even if I made millions – which I kind of am – I would still be for the poor people because I've always been poor."


What did you want to be when you were little?
"I always told my dad I'd be famous. But that was really unrealistic to me. So I wanted to be a vet tech and work with animals."

Of these three men, who would you marry, sleep with and throw off a cliff? Dwight Schrute, Woody Allen and Pee Wee Herman.
"I'd throw Pee Wee off the cliff, marry Dwight because he's funny, and sleep with Woody Allen."

Would you shell out dough for Snookie's new scent? Discuss in the comments.

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