Our Fave New Fragrance Is A Time Capsule, Too

Statement necklace. Statement bag. Statement coat. Every girl needs one, sure, but we think the most underrated staple is the statement fragrance. Your scent defines you, and there's no better time to switch up your signature than the advent of fall. The key is to avoid the mass market brands (wafting the same perfume in the Boom Boom Room elevator is not a cute look), which is why we're all about ARQUISTE, the brand-new fine fragrance collection from R29 pal Carlos Huber (now available at Barneys). The story is a potent (sorry, we couldn't resist) one—Huber meticulously researched each of the five scents on offer, using rare ingredients to create an olfactive sensation that evokes a specific time and place. There's L'Etrog, a woodsy, citrusy blend that channels the medieval harvest in Calabria, or Flor Y Canto, a heady tuberose and marigold mix meant to take you back to Tenochtitlan, Mexico in 1400 during an Aztec ceremony, plus a range of others that are all unisex, and can be combined or worn alone. We celebrated with Huber last week at the West Village home he shares with boyfriend Nate Berkus, and best believe we came out smelling like heaven (and serious, serious home envy).
Check out the party pics from the launch, and snaps that make us kind of want to eat the bottles.
Photos: Carly Otness/BFAnyc.om/ Courtesy of Tractenberg + Co.

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