What It’s Really Like To Be A Street Style Photog

While we all enjoy a good camera-phone photo, we know the real thing is best left to the professionals. And if you want to know what a day in the life of a photographer is really like, check out this cute mini-mini documentary from the folks at SWELL. Capturing the thoughts of Kamel, from Style & the City, (who says cute little pearls of wisdom like, "it's not about just style, it's about the moments, the grace, the natural beauty, the emotions,") we only wish the piece was longer so we could spend a bit more time with the pic-snapper. Even though this movie is bite-sized, like all good films it has the anticipation (who will the lens capture next), and the frustration (competitor photographers beware!) that come along with a day in the life of a fashion hunter. Watch the flick and see who he snaps (spoiler alert!)— you might get a glimpse of The Glamourai in there too!