Jupiter Is Going Direct — Proceed With Caution

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Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion, began moonwalking on September 4 and is turning direct on December 30. During the retrograde motion, we were meant to learn lessons and to gain insight into our philosophical and personal growth. As the planet of education, Jupiter has led us on a spiritual transformation, widening our perspectives and giving us a deeper understanding of the world. 
When Jupiter begins moving forward on December 30, it ends its westward rotation and returns to an eastward motion. This happens a few months after a planet passes its opposition to the Sun, which occurred on November 3. On November 1, Jupiter was at a very close distance to the Earth called perigee. When Jupiter was retrograde, this made us reassess our values at a fundamental level. Now that it will be in direct motion, we can broaden our horizons and make the necessary changes.

As the planet of education, Jupiter has led us on a spiritual transformation, widening our perspectives and giving us a deeper understanding of the world. 

Through Jupiter’s backspin in Taurus, we have been allowed to improve our finances, relationships, and creativity. Additionally, we have discovered ways to source food in a more eco-friendly manner and have taken steps to protect our environment. This journey has led us to adopt new belief systems and shed old ones that no longer serve us.
Overall, we have expanded our understanding of what we want to develop and what we need to let go of. This transit has provided valuable insights we should follow in the coming years. It has also shown us how to incorporate these perspectives and ideologies into our daily routine.
As we progress with Jupiter, we must grow and adapt to the planet's energy. However, Jupiter is currently in Taurus, a sign that prefers gradual changes. Therefore, we should take small steps and allow things to unfold naturally, mindful of how they can affect our personal and universal energy. Rushing forward is not recommended.
Jupiter will remain in Taurus until May 25, after which it will move into Gemini. Until then, we should enjoy the positive energy that Jupiter in Taurus brings. This is an opportunity for us to experience prosperity and strengthen our relationships with others. So, get ready to make the most of these next few months!
When Jupiter moves into the sign of Gemini, we will be inclined to concentrate on improving our local community and expanding our intellectual horizons. That's why it's a good idea to embrace Jupiter's indulgent energy in Taurus and treat yourself to something special. This could be an enjoyable night out, a romantic dinner, or even a relaxing massage to reward ourselves for our hard work.
Jupiter's march will lead us towards becoming the individuals we aspire to be. This will also enable us to take calculated risks instead of impulsively jumping into matters. We will carefully consider all the options, weighing both the pros and cons before making any decisions. This way, we can make wise choices and discerning judgments on how to proceed. We should exercise caution and move at our own pace, but always keep an open mind.
Important Dates For Jupiter’s Remaining Months In Taurus:
April 20, 2024: Jupiter and Uranus form a conjunction in Taurus, sudden changes and situations will happen, allowing us to shift our perspective. This is a time in which we will all want to embrace a new and unique way of thinking, which can translate to us wanting to break free from things or situations holding us back.
May 18, 2024: The Sun aligns with Jupiter in Taurus (AKA “cazimi,” which means “in the heart of the Sun”). Jupiter is currently being energized by the sun, creating a powerful energy that can be harnessed to enhance our lives and bring positive vibes. With Jupiter in this glorious phase, today presents a unique opportunity to improve our lives and the world.
May 23, 2024: Venus and Jupiter in Taurus link up. This is a favorable time to move significantly in our personal relationships and financial investments. It is essential to be cautious in investing money.
May 23, 2024: Jupiter in Taurus connects with Neptune in Pisces, on this day, our dreams and visions can be enhanced, and our intuition may be heightened, giving us the ability to understand matters and relationships like never before.

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