Your 2023 Career Horoscope Is Here & The Ladder Is Yours To Climb

When it comes to matters of career, the year 2023 is looking much more promising than its predecessor. This is due to key planetary shifts that mostly occur in the first part of the year, paving the way for change. One of the key signatures of the astrology of 2022, the Saturn-Uranus square, brought a constant clash with authority, stirring up waves of resignation en masse.
But in 2023, this energy begins to die down, creating room for more collaboration between peers. That being said, more of us will continue to abandon the classic nine-to-five jobs in search of opportunities that allow for more freedom as Pluto enters Aquarius and the Lunar North Node of Destiny enters Aries.
We begin the year riding a wave of low productivity due to the overlapping retrograde of Mercury and Mars, which is bound to change — or at least delay — our Q1 initiatives. Mars goes direct on January 12, followed by Mercury on January 18, so it won't be until late January that productivity will return to normal. 
One of the astral moves to watch arrives on March 7, when Saturn enters Pisces. Being the Planet of Authority and Responsibility, Saturn’s movement greatly influences our careers. As Saturn enters this watery sign that debilitates it, the rock-hard boundaries from previous years begin to dissipate. Those extended and late-night hours at work will be replaced by fun lunches and long vacations. However, this isn't without its cons, as businesses will lack structure and direction at times, running around in multiple directions when it comes to setting goals.
The most positive astrological connection of 2023 is the sextile Jupiter in Taurus forms with Saturn in Pisces from May 12 to July 18 (exact on June 19), and then again throughout all of December. With the two “social planets” working together, all zodiac signs will experience the kind of growth that is sustainable and long-term, but also meaningful.  
Do watch out to not become overly ambitious, however, during the time Jupiter in Taurus magnifies the power-hungry influence of Pluto in Aquarius, between April 25 and June 12 (exact on May 17). Many of us will be feeling ambitious, and if we're not careful, we could make big mistakes in our search for success. Staying true to our values and integrity will be key now.

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