Saturn Retrograde Is Over & It’s Time To Start Our Next Chapter

After a little over four months, Saturn, the Planet of Karma, is finally ending its retrograde and turning direct in the free-spirited sign of Aquarius on October 23. Saturn retrograde isn't as intense as, say, Mercury retrograde (thankfully) but we've still been in a period of reflecting, revising, and unfortunately, regressing.
Now that Saturn is direct, we're able to see what we've learned from this reflective period and use that to move forward — as long as we've been productive, of course. "What goes around comes around, and we are first learning that if we have behaved badly during the retrograde, then karma has come back, full circle to teach us a lesson," says Lisa Stardust, astrologer and author of The Love Deck. "Being that Saturn is the teacher of the zodiac, we can expect to learn many insightful lessons about ourselves, the way we treat others, as well as how we act in society."
This is an astrological wake-up call — the vibes will cause us to be more aware of weaknesses that need strengthening in order to build the life we want for ourselves, according Iva Naskova, astrologer at the Nebula app. "Now is the ideal time to take control of your life, but also resist the temptation to control others around you," she says. "It can be frustrating when your goals don't align with those around you, but you will learn to circle around them and find creative ways to achieve what you aspire to."
Since Saturn is such a faraway planet, the most significant days of its transits are when it stations retrograde and when it stations direct, meaning that October 23 is the main date you should be paying attention to. "As Saturn sits still in the sky and begins to regain speed, pay attention to what topics of conversation, themes, and people show up in your life," says astrologer Stephanie Campos. "You may feel the need to set boundaries, honor commitments, or take on additional responsibility around this time." Check in with yourself to see where in your life benefit from more structure and consistency, and make some moves.
Saturn will be forming a gentle connection with Mercury in Libra the day it stations direct. "There is harmony between our thoughts and our commitments," Campos says. "We have the mental dedication and discernment to see projects through and are approaching matters with a practical lens. This is a wonderful time to discuss commitments, sign contracts, or address any serious matters." The energy of the day will allow us to remain calm and grounded, and can help us become master problem solvers.
Saturn is also still in its square to Uranus. "Saturn square Uranus is a transit of change an upheaval in the world and in our lives," says psychic astrologer Leslie Hale. "If there has been a delay, or lack of solution to something, Saturn’s direct motion will change up the energy once again. With Uranus in the picture the results may still be surprising, but many different situations will change direction suddenly or come to fruition as Saturn turns direct." We'll become unstuck from what was holding us back, but it may come as a bit of a shock — don't be alarmed, though. What is meant to be will be.
Although October 23 is the most notable date of this transit, there are still some Saturn movements to be aware of in the coming. months. "Saturn will be extremely active from November 1 to November 17, and from mid-January to the end of February of 2023," says Narayana Montúfar, senior astrologer for and author of Moon Signs: Unlock Your Inner Luminary Power. "During these times, we should be mentally prepared for big movements in leadership, rules and regulations, as well as the government. At a personal level, these will be testing periods in which we will have to level up and show strength and resilience."
Saturn’s direct motion will also coincide with the solar eclipse in Scorpio. "Eclipses can bring about significant life changes so when an eclipse falls this close to a major planetary change of direction, we typically see a great surge of energy in the world and our own lives," Hale says. "Since this is the case, buckle your seat belts and get ready for the ride as we begin to move forward on important matters once again." It may be a bit of a bumpy ride, but this planetary happening will help propel us into our next chapter.
Think of Saturn as the father-figure of the sky — although harsh at times, it only wants what's best for us. Look within during its direct station and allow yourself to have the will to move forward. The Planet of Karma has your back.

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