Tonight’s Full Moon In Pisces Brings Clarity, Comfort & Possibility

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There’s something about a full moon in Pisces that always feels like it comes right on time. No matter how lost you are in your calendar right now, slogging through meeting after meeting, task after task, Virgo season begs for the nearness of a heavenly body collecting light just to pour it back out over a crisp night. As the cool night air slips in under the comfort of our light blankets and transitional jackets, we’re reminded that discomfort is simply information, and that it can lead to understanding and gentle release. There’s something about night that’s gentle underneath our wariness, like black silk draped over buildings and mountains, an eyelid sinking over an eye. 
Tonight’s full moon touches Neptune and swims past it, rippling the sky with dreamy waves and countless possibilities. Possibility is a powerful word tonight, a word like a door. Pisces’ traditional ruler, Jupiter, tugs us toward that door, as inviting and encouraging as a flashing neon sign. Jupiter loves possibility, refutes limits, especially the kind that have yet to be tested… or re-tested for that matter. While the full moon invites us in to rest our eyes, Mercury in Libra makes a trine to Jupiter in Aquarius, reminding us that there’s always more to know, more to learn, more ways to make the dots connect. 
Mercury in Libra seeks perspective by appealing to many sides,  perhaps looking as if they speak with a forked tongue. But Mercury in Libra is also peace-seeking. Mercury asks: What can it mean to understand another person? What is justice? What is worth fighting for? And, Jupiter receives these questions offering an answer and a challenge: It means many things. It doesn’t mean what you think it does; the meaning changes, you change the meaning. What can you do with an answer like that but take it as a challenge? A dare to expand your imagination, to believe in what was once unimaginable, to enrich yourself with possibility.
Dreams are part of that — of course they are — and Pisces people know that relationships can be built with your dreams, that dreams can be trusted. Daydreams and long-term visions, yes, but also the dreams that your night-self drips like a percolator. What if, before you go to sleep, you surround yourself with the books of Pisces poets like Aricka Foreman and soak yourself in the magic of their words? “And won’t you try to ride me into your horizon of longing? Until the greatness of me is swallowed up by the receding light?” What if tonight you lay a notebook by your bed and reach for it first thing upon stirring? Let your waking self drink deep from the night’s cup.

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