Your Horoscope This Week: September 12, 2021

Illustration by Stefhany Lozano
Welcome to the third week of September. Venus is in Scorpio and the nights are getting noticeably longer. The Sun still shines in Virgo and Mars pushes on besides our burning luminary, lighting fires under our cauldrons and warming up those of us with serious burnout. Wood and smoke just might be the theme, then, of this Earth-tinged week, especially when the first quarter moon rises in Sagittarius on the 13th. When the Sun in Virgo makes an opposition to Neptune in Pisces in the early hours of the 14th, it might feel like a lot more work than we imagined to get even a few sparks going, but that’s no reason not to dream big. Perhaps it’s simply the fall of Mercury Retrograde’s shadow, reminding us that while even the best laid plans can go awry, there’s no harm in planning — and especially  in planning for contingencies. 
Mars moves under the stars of Libra on the evening of the 14th, and while our willful planet might struggle under Libra’s synergetic stars, it also reaps the benefit of her mindful approach. When the Sun in Virgo makes a trine to Pluto in Capricorn on the night of the 16th, we’re reminded that being measured when it comes to the magically mundane doesn’t mean relinquishing our indulgences. Ask any Virgo worth their salt (of the Earth) what their nights are all about: You work hard, you play harder.

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