Everything Leaving Netflix In September 2021

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The end of summer is always a bit chaotic. Not only does the weather decide to do whatever it feels like (a tropical hurricane in New York? Sure!), but for some it also means back-to-school or, in the age of COVID, back-to-office. That's why it's important to find little comforts that help offset the stress during this period of transition. And what better way to wind down and welcome new energy than with a nice Netflix queue refresh?
This month, there are lot of new titles and TV show seasons worth looking forward to. However, it also means letting go of some old favorites. If it helps, think of it less as a sad parting and more as a ritualistic part of the streaming life cycle: Light a candle, get your crystals out, and say your goodbyes.
The list of TV shows leaving Netflix during the next month is thankfully quite short, but it does affect two very specific demographics: Those who appreciate dark, old-timey British things (as Penny Dreadful and Ripper Street are on their way out), and Trekkies (Star Trek, Star Trek: Voyager, and Star Trek: Enterprise are leaving).
As for movies, however, the blows come from a few different sides. Whole series like The Karate Kid I-III and Kung Fu Panda 1&2 will be gone from the streaming giant, as will a handful of classics, like the Austin Powers trilogy, The Pianist, The Queen, and Boogie Nights. And finally, if your self-care is watching Ashton Kutcher make Natalie Portman a period mixtape, then make sure to catch No Strings Attached before it bleeds out (sorry).
Ahead, see what's leaving Netflix in September.

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