Venus In Cancer Is Going To Make — Or Break! — Your Relationship

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Our horny, post-vax summer of love has gotten off to a steamy start — but things are about to slow down and get serious fast, thanks to Venus, the Planet of Love, moving from flirty Gemini into tender Cancer on June 2. Our lives will be drenched in the emotional vibes of the sign of the crab until June 27, making us crave intimacy, comfort, and safety in our relationships.
Because this transit is into commitment and security, it may mean that your beginning-of-summer fling is about to get a little more serious. "When Venus moves into the moon-ruled sign of Cancer, you may feel yourself wanting to snuggle up with someone instead of spending your days swiping right," Madi Murphy, astrologer and co-founder of The Cosmic RX and The Cosmic Revolution, tells Refinery29. "You also may want to DTR or take things to the next level in your ‘ships."
That said, this transit isn't totally dashing your hopes for a sexy summer full of hot hookups and raunchy romances. Venus in Cancer just gives off a commitment-focused vibe; even if you're happy to date around, for the next month you may find yourself more drawn to partners who feel stable and secure rather than purely exciting.
If you're already in a committed partnership, you may feel more attached and a bit clingier than usual right now. There's no need to fight it, but Murphy does advise us to focus on acknowledging and being direct about our emotions — good and bad — as Cancer can often be passive aggressive.
Venus in Cancer could be behind any "big steps" you take with your boo this month. "Cancer traditionally rules over the fourth house, which is home and family, so if you're dating someone, the relationship could get more serious: meeting their family, moving in together, buying a home — all that good stuff," says Ellen Ricks, monthly dating horoscope writer for
But whether you're talking about hookups or a LTR, be a little bit wary around this time. The pull of the cosmos could encourage you to move too fast, or could have you insisting that a potential partnership is True Love when it's just... not. "I beg everyone to resist the urge in trying to change someone's mind about what they want or try to push them in your direction, which can be very tempting to do during Venus in Cancer," Ricks says.
That said, not every move is a bad idea. Some people may need Venus in Cancer to prompt them to finally get real about a relationship — romantic or otherwise — that's good for them. It can be difficult to make big decisions (such as whether to move in together), but a few aspects that occur while Venus is in Cancer can offer us an assist. "During this time, Venus will aspect lucky Jupiter, rebellious Uranus, dreamy Neptune, and transformative Pluto," says Lisa Stardust, author of Saturn Return Survival Guide and The Astrology Deck, tells Refinery29. "This will be a time of growth, which will be hard as we are unwilling to exit our comfort zone when it comes to love and financial matters." Boldness is not Cancer's strong suit, but really making an effort to step out of our shell in regards to relationships and money may pay off, she says.
The transit also coincides with Mercury retrograde in Gemini, which could cause us to be overly sentimental and reminisce about our exes — who in turn may use this energy to sneak back into our lives, Murphy says. "It’s okay to glance in the past, but don’t turn your whole ship around," she warns.
Leslie Hale, psychic astrologer at, agrees, but also says we can allow ourselves to revisit the past in ways that are healthy to us. "You may feel far more nostalgic over these three weeks and indulge in pleasant memories of the past," she says. "You may feel a deep urge to connect with someone you knew long ago. If you feel strongly about it, there is nothing like connecting with those from our own past and catching up on how life has treated you and them."
This sentimental, lovey-dovey transit isn't putting out the fire of hot girl summer — it's just lowering the temperature a bit, and giving us the chance to reroute and, if we want to, settle down in the warmth of what we've already found. It's about to be a transformative month for love.

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