Your Horoscope This Week: May 30, 2021

Illustration by Stefhany Lozano.
Mercury has stationed retrograde in Gemini and everyone is ready to admit that they’re not very ready at all. Better to write to your list and check it twice, especially since Gemini season is always a wild mix of naughty and nice. Santa in June jokes aside, it’s generally a good week to allow for a little duality whether it comes to something more serious, like the motives of others, or something more mundane, like the weather forecast. 
Monday’s Aquarian moon puffs our sails with a little emotional perspective, but it also makes a conjunction to Saturn which might have us wondering if there’s a bigger lesson to be learned. But, for those of us looking toward our days off, discerning the lesson from the inconvenience feels like another layer of labor. If the small stuff slides, let it. The big picture stuff comes into focus a lot quicker when we’re not zooming into the minor details.  Of course, Mercury Rx is generally all about the details, but tying up loose ends and clarifying communications is one thing, obsessing over what someone meant when they said what they said is another. Venus shifts into Cancer on June 2nd, amplifying our sensitivities, but a trine to Jupiter in Pisces reminds us to look beyond our personal narrative while the quarter moon in Pisces helps us move along, a half light reminding us that we always only know half the story, but when we hold on to it too tightly, we hold the whole burden. 
In the coming week, we can be both direct about our needs and generous in the ways we engage others. We can clarify what we heard and we can assume the best of others. We can set boundaries around engaging with those whose behavior is painful to us while recognizing that their behavior has nothing to do with us. We can transform what we are building together, but that requires a shared understanding of the roles we play and how we wish to be regarded.

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