Guide To The Superheroes (& One Non-Super Guy With A Cool Stick) From Jupiter’s Legacy

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
In general, superhero movies and shows make the heroes look pretty cool. Netflix's Jupiter's Legacy takes the idea of superheroes and makes them... rule oriented? The superheroes' leader is The Utopian (Josh Duhamel), and he's really focused on doing good and setting a good example. So he has a Code that he lives by and preaches about all the time. His official motto is: "Service, compassion, mercy," but he should probably add to that list "no cussing" and "we say grace before dinner," because he's equally obsessed with those notions. It's hard to believe the show made rom-com lead Duhamel into an unsexy superhero, but it did.
Fortunately, not all of the heroes are such hardasses. Most of the rest of the cast of Jupiter's Legacy is made up of a younger generation of heroes who — for better or for worse — have their own ideals about how justice should be served.

Jupiter's Legacy is based on the comic of the same name, so many of the characters and their super powers are pulled straight from the pages. And since half the storyline takes place in the 1930s, it can be a little old-fashioned. It's like if Boomers made a superhero show and wanted the millennial heroes to use their best table manners as they saved the world.

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