Netflix’s New Superhero Show Looks Like The Boys Meets This Is Us

Photo: Courtesy of netflix.
The comic book agenda is still going strong over at Netflix, and the streaming platform is hoping to keep fans' attention with its latest metahuman project, Jupiter's Legacy. It's got everything a superhero tale needs: a mystical origin story, nefarious villains, and a few reluctant heroes.
Jupiter's Legacy follows the lives of the world's first class of superheroes, a group that acquires their powers after a strange encounter in the 1930s. As the protectors of the world, The Union encounters danger after danger over the years but pulls through every single time. But even the most powerful people in the universe can't fight the good fight forever; almost a century after earning their superpowers, the team is now old and grey, looking to pass the torch to the next generation.
Unfortunately, their kids aren't on the same page. It turns out that being a modern superhero is a whole new ballgame, calling for a different kind of mindset and approach to saving the world. For one thing, supervillain technology has vastly improved. For another, there's also social media and celebrity status to contend with. Plus, after years of being neglected while their parents were out fighting the bad guys, the young heroes aren't exactly thrilled with the prospect of laying their lives on the line for the rest of the world.
"The man I knew was never at home when I was a kid," one teen recalls bitterly in the trailer. "Too busy saving the world."
Yet, even as the older heroes agonize over their legendary pasts and the new heroes chafe at their dangerous futures, they ultimately have to put their differences aside — at the end of the day, the world needs saving.
The action-packed Netflix series features a host of familiar faces and will introduce a number of newcomers. Josh Duhamel (Transformers), Leslie Bibb (Iron Man), and Matt Lanter (90210) star as members of the Union, and new faces Tenika Davis, Elena Kampouris, and Andrew Horton will play their children. Jupiter's Legacy is an adaptation of Mark Millar's sprawling Millarworld comic book of the same name, which made its debut back in 2013. Even more of Millar's comic are reportedly headed to Netflix in the future; American JesusEmpressHuck and Reborn have also been picked up by the streamer.
Jupiter's Legacy will be available for streaming on May 7, only on Netflix.

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