Chris Evans Responded To Lizzo’s Drunk Instagram DM — As He Should

Photo: Francis Specker/CBS/Getty Images.
Contrary to popular belief, shooting your shot is not easy, even if you're a celebrity. But if the object of your affection just happens to be Chris Evans, your chances of being noticed (and eventually making him fall for you) may actually increase significantly. Just ask Lizzo.
Recently, the Grammy-winning singer drunkenly sent the MCU action star a direct message on Instagram. In the moment, it felt like a good idea — alcohol will do that to you — but the day after, Lizzo couldn't help but cringe at the spur-of-the-moment decision when she sobered up.
"Don't drink and DM, kids," Lizzo captioned a video of her drunk DM on TikTok, modeled after a viral trend originated by Tiktoker Tatayanna Mitchell. She'd slid into Evans' DMs and casually dropped off the puff of smoke, a woman playing basketball, and a basketball emojis. The message was pretty simple: she was shooting her shot.
This is where fan fiction turns to reality because the very next day, Evans followed her back on Instagram and replied to the message.
"No shame in a drunk DM," Evans responded, adding a kiss emoji. "God knows I've done worse on this app lol." (Remember the NSFW picture he accidentally shared on Instagram?)
I'm a little salty because my celebrity crushes have yet to send me kiss emojis, but good for Lizzo. She's been feeling Evans for quite some time, too; a few years back, she even sent him a casual marriage proposal on Twitter. If you needed a sign to message your Instagram crush today, here it is. (Results may vary.)

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