A Huge Number Of Texans Want “Aggressively Centric” Actor Matthew McConaughey As Their Next Governor

Photo: Rick Kern/Getty Images.
When it comes to planning the next phase of their careers, some celebrities start wellness companies, some start recording podcasts, and some decide to become politicians. This is America, and Matthew McConaughey could be running for governor of Texas very soon.
McConaughey has been open about his interest in running for governor of his home state of Texas in the past, but according to a new poll, it looks like his fellow Texans may actually be open to helping him become Gov. McConaughey in the future. In a poll conducted by The Dallas Morning News and the University of Texas at Tyler between April 6 and 13, 45% of nearly 1,200 voters in the Lone Star State want McConaughey to be their next governor, and only 33% would vote to reelect Republican governor Greg Abbott. Meanwhile, 22% of voters would cast their ballot for a different candidate.
Of course, support for Abbott's re-election was overwhelmingly red: 56% of registered Republican voters saying they would stick with the governor in the next election cycle. But in a surprise twist, 30% of Republican voters would jump off Abbott's ship for the Magic Mike supporting actor, while a cool 66% of Democrats would also support him. However, anyone who is familiar with the McConaughey school of politics knows that the actor is, in fact, extremely centrist, and very critical of liberalism as a whole.
"It's a true consideration," McConaughey said of running during an episode of The Balanced Voice podcast in March. "Because I do think I have some things to teach and share, and what is my role? What's my category in my next chapter of life that I'm going into?" He also touched on politics in 2020 during a guest spot on Russell Brand's Under the Skin podcast, where he described himself as politically "in the middle," though critical of what he called the "illiberal left." He also suggested the United States should just meet in the middle on major issues, and doing so would "not [be] a recession. It's an aggressive move." Yikes!
Are you cringing yet? Well, here's the worst part: Matthew McConaughey would probably definitely very likely make a much better governor than Greg Abbott — but that's not saying much. In March 2020, amid daily coronavirus deaths sitting in the hundreds and daily infection cases surging into the thousands, Abbott lifted the state's COVID-19 restrictions — all of them. And this wasn't the first time he prematurely lifted statewide restrictions; in May 2020, a mere two months after nationwide lockdowns started across the U.S., Abbott ordered Texas business to start reopening. But wait, there's more: Earlier this month, he also issued an order prohibiting vaccine passports in Texas, calling it an impediment "on Texans' personal freedoms."
So could Texas Governor Matthew McConaughey become a reality in the future? The next gubernatorial race will tell. After all, what could possibly go wrong with electing a famous male star of the big and small screen to office? Let's ask California about that one.

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