What The Circle Cast (& Catfishers) Are Up To Now

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Slight spoilers are ahead. Once you're hooked on the personas that The Circle season 2 cast has created on the show's gamified social media platform, your next move is probably heaving over to Instagram to get to know the real contestants. It's the best place to get extra intel on this season's players — and who managed to stay friends after communicating solely through The Circle.
While season 1 of The Circle brought us a beautiful bromance in Joey and Shooby — who ended up coming up first and second — season 2 is way more competitive. The season 2 trailer promised a game that's "more strategic than ever," so we were technically warned. But while that competitive edge might make for bigger twists and turns, it is also kind of a bummer. We know reality show contestants always say they're not there to make friends... but you kind of root for it to happen anyway, especially on The Circle.
Eight players enter their high-tech apartments at the beginning of the season, with more dropping in as the weeks go on. Start picking your faves to win now as we get into who's who. You can learn something from everyone's profiles on The Circle, even the ones who aren't catfishing their fellow players.

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