The Thunder Force Soundtrack Is Basically A Playlist For Superheroes

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Spoilers are ahead. Music plays an interesting role in Netflix's superhero comedy Thunder Force. The soundtrack isn't just for us to enjoy. Specific songs were also chosen for the characters themselves to listen to on their superhero missions.
The movie stars Melissa McCarthy as Lydia and Octavia Spencer as her best friend Emily. When the duo gains superpowers as adults, they decide to tackle the evil afoot in their hometown of Chicago. But just like every good superhero needs a theme song, they apparently also need a good playlist. Emily makes them mixes for their various missions so they can get pumped up for or focused on whatever their current task is. But because this is a comedy, the song choices are never what you expect them to be. For example: Seal is one of the "get focused" artists on the playlist.
In addition to Emily's selected songs, the soundtrack is filled with '70s and '80s hits, because those are the eras in which they grew up and became best friends. It sets the tone for the movie. There's also an original song on the soundtrack — the duo's own theme song — performed by some of the biggest band members from the '80s and '90s.

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