Melissa McCarthy’s Whole Family Is The Thunder Force Cast

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Netflix's quirky superhero comedy Thunder Force is jam packed with A-listers. The movie was written by Melissa McCarthy's husband Ben Falcone, so naturally one of the starring roles went to her. (Is it still nepotism if she's definitely the right actor for the job?) And she plays alongside some equally talented people, including a couple of Oscar winners.
The Thunder Force storyline follows Lydia (McCarthy) and Emily (Octavia Spencer) who become best friends as kids. When they have a falling out as teens, it takes years before they reconcile as adults. But when they do come back together, it's as the superhero team Thunder Force. The two women are determined to save their city from evil, and they'll definitely make us laugh along the way.
They're not your traditional superheroes, but that's what makes the film interesting. "You don't have to be a muscle-bound, square-jawed man to get things done," Spencer told E!'s Daily Pop (via Buzzfeed). "Half of the population isn't muscle-bound, square-jawed and they contribute so much to the world."
As you watch the movie, look out for some famous cameos. McCarthy and Falcone know a lot of people in Hollywood, and it apparently wasn't hard to convince a few of them to stop by for some superhero fun.

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