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Lukita Maxwell Went From Bali To Utah To Generation — All To Change Her Own Generation

Welcome to The Come-Up, where rising Gen-Z talent checks in on their way to the top. Here, Lukita Maxwell, star of HBO Max's Genera+tion and self-described "coffee-fueled, terrible over-thinker that loves making art," walks us through her favorite causes, pre-pandemic hangout, and swearing a "fuck ton." (Apologies to her mother on that last one.)
Photographed by Alex Harper
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Name: Lukita Maxwell
Age: 19
Hometown: Born in Jakarta, Indonesia, but I grew up all over — Mostly between Bali and Utah.
Photographed by Alex Harper
Pronouns: she/they 
TikTok: @te.quita
Sun Sign: Scorpio
Rising sign: Cancer
Moon sign: Pisces. Triple water sign :))
Phone background: A mixed media collage my girlfriend and I made.
Where you’ve seen me: Pre-pandemic, at Trader Joe’s. Since, playing Delilah on Genera+ion :)
Where you’ll see me next: NYC!! I’m beyond excited for a queer, Chinese-American short I’ll be working on following Genera+ion. So stoked.
Photographed by Alex Harper
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Cause(s) I’m passionate about: Grassroots organizations! Check out APIENC (Asian Pacific Islander Equality North California), an organization increasing queer AAPI visibility and power. APEN (Asian Pacific Environmental Network) is creating unity in AAPI communities to fight big polluters. 
Fictional character: Frankie from Grace and Frankie. Lily Tomlin is a treasure and I want to be her when I grow up.
Comfort food: Nasi uduk, an Indo dish that’s rudimentary but inexplicably comforting. 
Role model: At the moment, the whole Genera+ion family. Watching them work inspires me everyday. 
Song I know all the lyrics to: I’ve been blasting The Feist’s version of “Inside and Out” on the way home from set the last few weeks. It’s such a good fucking song to scream sing. 
Hobby: Taking photos on $20 film cameras 
Three items I can’t live without: My headphones, a notebook and pen, and my cat, Roscoe
Curse word: Fuck. Sorry mom, I swear a fuck ton.
Photographed by Alex Harper
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Role: When I was barely walking and talking (about a year old), my mom worked at a bakery in Indonesia. Apparently, I’d run around, greet, and chat to everyone coming into the shop. The regulars started calling it Café Lukita. So, I guess a hostess of sorts. 
Pet: In Bali, there are geckos (chit-chat) that live all around your house, and I thought they were all my pets. 
Couple I stanned: Anastasia and Dimitri from Anastasia. I had the biggest crush on them both.
Teen show I loved: Skins U.K. (gen 1+2 babyyyy)
Audition story: It was for the Nutcracker ballet. I had just moved to Utah and didn’t know anyone. To counteract fear, I feigned overconfidence. I got the part! So, I guess “fake it till you make it” does work sometimes. 
Time my alarm goes off in the morning: It vacillates between early call times (5 a.m.-ish) or night shoot call times (5 p.m.-ish). On weekends, an alarm? I don’t know her. 
Time I saw myself represented on screen: Honestly, watching Genera+ion for the first time. I had such a cathartic cry after watching the first season because I saw pieces of myself on screen in all the other characters.
Photographed by Alex Harper
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Show I binged: How To with John Wilson
Movie I saw: Sound of Metal
Book I read: I’m almost done reading Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe 
Person I texted: My girlfriend, sent her a video of cat Roscoe :))
Weird Instagram buy: I’ve never bought anything off of Instagram, I’m not about consumerism and overconsumption. 
Last time I felt proud of myself: Earlier today. I made spring rolls and didn’t rip the rice paper!
Photographed by Alex Harper


How I want to change the world: Facilitate space for underrepresented voices through storytelling and media. I’m so grateful to be a part of a show that uplifts, empowers, and normalizes queer voices. I wish I had this show to watch growing up.
How my generation will change the world: Gen Z is tough as fuck, and we have access to expansive information. We’re educating ourselves, having conversations, and fighting for inclusivity, equality and equity.
Dream role: Playing Henry V in Henry IV. Also, the Joker. 
I’d star in any movie with: Olivia Cooke, I’ve always admired her work and career.
If I weren’t acting/singing... I’d be studying architecture or cinematography. I’d still love to study both before my life is over. 
Dream dinner guest: Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Donald Glover. I think I’d be crying of laughter the entire night. 

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