Netflix Today, Broadway Tomorrow. Newcomer Madison Reyes Is Ready To Do It All

Welcome to The Come-Up, where rising Gen-Z talent checks in on their way to the top. Here, Julie and the Phantoms star Madison Reyes, fills us in on her life, favorites, and goals.
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Name: Madison Reyes 
Age: 16 
Hometown: Brooklyn, New York 
Pronouns: She/Her
TikTok:  I don’t have one yet! 

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Sun Sign: Cancer
Phone background: Blue background with the quote “One Day at a Time”
Where you’ve seen me: Julie and the Phantoms, on Netflix September 10
Where you’ll see me next: Hopefully in the next season of Julie and the Phantoms!


Cause(s) I’m passionate about: Bringing awareness to dyslexia.
Fictional character: Miruko from My Hero Academia
Comfort food: Oreo Pop-Tarts 
Role model: Zendaya 
Song I know all the lyrics to:She Used to Be Mine” from Waitress
Hobby: Trying new hobbies  
Three items I can’t live without: Anime, music, and my hamster, Reggie 
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Role: Julie from Julie and the Phantoms
Pet: Hamster 
Teen show I loved: My favorite teen show is She-ra and the Princesses of Power
Audition story:  I found out about Julie and the Phantoms through my school. At first I was nervous to send my video in, but after talking to some friends, I sent it in and got a call back. From there it was just figuring out when I could fly to L.A. When I finally made it out there, the audition process lasted two days. They were mixing and matching the actors auditioning for Julie with the actors auditioning for the Phantoms, and there were about six people for each role. I remember the day the boys and I were finally put together and how right everything felt. Normally in these auditions we wouldn’t find out if we got the part for about 10 days, but we were told that day that we were the official band. It made the experience so much better because we were told together. 

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Time my alarm goes off in the morning: 7:30 a.m.
Time I saw myself represented on screen: Shake It Up when Zendaya played Rocky Blue. I was about six years old, and it was so cool watching her in the show. It helped me realize that I could be a star just like her and that nothing is impossible no matter how you look.  


Show I binged: Beastars on Netflix 
Movie I saw: Spirited Away
Book I read: A manga which covered the next season of the anime I just finished watching. It’s called My Hero Academia.
Person I texted: My lovely friend Bailey. We were gushing over that strawberry dress and how bad we wish we could afford it, but it’s like $400. 
Weird Instagram buy: I wouldn’t say it was weird, but I starting seeing that Polygel nail thing and I decided to try it out. I love that stuff now. 
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Last time I felt proud of myself: With quarantine and COVID-19, it’s hard to get out, so you want to be lazy. Everyday I’m proud of myself for getting up out of bed to do whatever, even if it’s to go downstairs to watch more TV on the couch. 


How I want to change the world: I want to change the world through music. The Julie and the Phantoms songs all have powerful meanings behind them. Music is what brought the band together, and we’ve already seen how the world has come together through music. I want that to continue.

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How my generation will change the world: With what we’ve already had to experience. We will learn from past mistakes, and from that we’ll teach the younger generation to accept everyone, no matter what their race, gender, or sexual preference.
Dream role: I’d love to be able to play a Latinx princess, or a princess in a live-action adaptation. If not that, I’d love to play a superhero. I heard rumors of a second Sharkboy and Lavagirl movie coming out about their daughter, and that would be a really cool role to play since I grew up with that movie.  
I’d also star in any movie with Zendaya.
If I weren’t acting/singing: I’d be an investigative psychologist. 
Dream dinner guest: Zendaya. I’m so sorry, but I love that girl!

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