Game Shakers’s Cree Cicchino Is Coming To Shake Up Netflix

Welcome to The Come-Up, where rising Gen-Z talent checks in on their way to the top. Here, Cree Cicchino, who's starring in not one but two Netflix projects this summer, fills us in on her life, favorites, and goals.
Name: Cree Cicchino 
Age: 18 
Hometown: Queens, NY
Pronouns: She/Her 
Sun Sign: Taurus 
Phone background: A picture of my twin sister crying because I love her so much and we both find this photo hysterical. 
Where you’ve seen me: Mr. Iglesias on Netflix. ☺ 
Where you’ll see me next: Netflix’s The Sleepover on August 21 
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Cause(s) I’m passionate about: anti-racism, gun control, food-allergy awareness/safety 
Fictional character: Stephanie Beatriz's character Rosa Diaz on Brooklyn 99
Comfort food: nachos 
Role model: my sister Jayce 
Song I know all the lyrics to: Mind Over Matter,” Anthony Ramos 
Hobby: Cooking
Three items I can’t live without: water, Vaseline, headphones 
Curse word: F*cking-Shit. All one phrase. 
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Role: Babe on Game Shakers 
Pet: Selena the hamster 
Couple I stanned: Jack and Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas 
Teen show I loved: The Vampire Diaries 
Audition story: I couldn’t make my very first callback because I got sick with the flu. 
Time I saw myself represented on screen: J. Lo as Selena
Show I binged: Sex Education 
Time my alarm goes off in the morning: My alarm does not go off in the morning. 
Movie I saw: Palm Springs 
Book I read: Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein 
Person I texted: My best friend Jaheem Toombs
Weird Instagram buy: I don’t buy anything from Instagram
Time I felt proud of myself: Not crying when I got my first tattoos. One is a small bird on my shoulder (because my sister's nickname is Birdie), and the other is a heart on my finger to match a tattoo of my mom's. 
How I want to change the world: There are so many fantastic leaders working to change the world today. I’m not sure what part I’ll be able to play in the various fights and causes of this generation, but I know I always want to follow them. 
How my generation will change the world: I think my generation is one that’s unafraid of truly examining itself. That’s how we’ll change things; by accepting our own part in the problems we’re trying to correct. 
Dream role: all of them 
I’d star in any movie with: Greta Gerwig directing 
If I weren’t pursuing acting, I’d be: Writing; in one way or another
Dream dinner guest: John Mulaney
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