Venus In Aries Is Bringing Us Great First Date Energy

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Venus, the Planet of Love, is leaving dreamy Pisces and finally making its way into fiery, assertive Aries on March 21 — the day after Aries season officially begins — where it'll stay until April 14. During this transit, the drama dial will be turned all the way up on our love lives, but don't be intimidated. Adding a little spice may be just what we need right now.
Venus in Aries "signals greater passions, energy, and action directed toward our love lives," explains Leslie Hale, a psychic astrologer for "We may feel more assertive in connecting with those we are attracted to and want to get to know better, and we may seek a fresher, more exciting approach with those we are already involved with." Venus in Aries is upfront and direct, so don't be surprised if your flirtatious side takes a front seat this month.
But while this transit brings great first date energy, Venus is actually not super comfy in Aries. "Venus in Aries is red hot, but it’s the kind of sexual fire that doesn’t last for very long," notes Narayana Montúfar, a senior astrologer for "In short, this planet-sign combo is great for one-night stands and flirting, but not the best for beginning long-term relationships."
While this may not be the month to DTR, if you're already in a relationship, Montúfar says that Venus in Aries can be "quite refreshing, bringing the possibility to have more fun in the bedroom." Now's the perfect opportunity to try a new position, or buy that sex toy that's been (figuratively) collecting dust in your online shopping cart.
Besides some exciting new sexual energy, we'll be all about showering our SO's with attention, too. "Venus in Aries loves to work towards love," says Lisa Stardust, an astrologer based in New York City. We'll want our partners to feel taken care of. But Stardust suggests thinking through any grand romantic gestures you plan on making. "Impulsivity can get us into trouble sometimes, especially in matters of the heart," she says.
While you'll be feeling giving, this is Aries season — you'll be falling a little in love with yourself right now too. "When the Planet of Love and Beauty shines in the sign of the rambunctious Ram, life is anything but boring," says Madi Murphy, astrologer and founder of The Cosmic Revolution. "Aries likes the thrill of the chase, but also demands to be adored!" You'll notice a little spring in your step when you're out and about, and you should lean into that peacocking energy and allow yourself to be admired by suitors and yourself for the next month. Truly, you deserve it.
"Venus in Aries can bring adventures and opportunities to dive headfirst into something new or exciting," Murphy adds. Be spontaneous — but self-aware. All the excitement can manifest as impatience, jealousy, or selfishness, so beware or you'll risk hurting loved ones' feelings, she notes.
Montúfar says to be especially careful between March 24 and April 2. "Venus will meet with Chiron, meaning that some deep-seated insecurities around love, sex, and relationships could come to the surface," she says. "Since ignoring them won’t be an option, we must face them head-on. If we dare to embrace our vulnerabilities around these subjects, this Venus-Chiron meet-up does come with the opportunity to heal our hearts."
The key here is balance. This is a wildly fun, sexy, anything-can-happen transit. But being realistic about your own expectations, needs, and flaws is crucial, or else you risk flaming out long before Venus makes her next move. Things are about to get really hot — can you handle it?

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