Solar Opposites Season 2’s Voice Cast & Cameos Are Out Of This World

Photo: courtesy of Hulu.
After a full year on Earth, Korvo and his Solar Opposites crew are still very much stuck here — much to the alien scientist’s chagrin. Turns out, his ship won’t fly if the balance is off so the bowling balls, Silly Putty Eggs, and every season of Cops on DVD and VHS mean no lift off. While this may be Korvo’s show — he makes sure to remind viewers of this at the beginning of every episode — it’s the supporting cast of Solar Opposites season 2 that you’re going to want to get to know.
The Hulu animated series that is very much for adults features comedians, animation royalty, a Spider-Man villain, and a This Is Us favorite. Not to mention, a few big names from last season. Let’s just say Cherie has had a wild time of it, which is really saying something. After all, it’s an asteroid hitting their home planet of Schlorp that resulted in Korvo, Terry, and their two replicants escaping into space to find a new place to live. Unfortunately, their ship crashed on Earth and Korvo has been in a bad mood ever since. Safe to say, he doesn’t fit in all that well with humans.
That being said, the ones that show up in season 2 are some of the best this planet has to offer.

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