Women’s History Month Is A Fantastic Excuse To Watch These 19 Movies On Netflix

Photo: Moviestore/Shutterstock.
Whether you celebrate Women's History Month in earnest, or you live every month like it's Women's History Month, you're going to want to add a full slate of women directors and writers to your Netflix queue. To get you started, we've curated this list of 19 movies on Netflix to watch during Women's History Month. Even if you're not the sort to peg your viewing habits to the date on the calendar, these films made by women are for anyone who loves movies.
Among these movies are notable titles from big time writer/directors like Greta Gerwig and Sofia Coppola, whose mid-aughts satire The Bling Ring is the reason that debunked rumor that Emma Watson was retiring from acting cut so deep. There are also smaller films you may have missed the first time around — press play on 2020's The Forty-Year-Old Version ASAP. In fact, there are hidden gems all over this list, including Ava DuVernay's intimate second film and the cam-girl drama from Numa Perrier that will leave you excited to see what she does next. If fiction isn't your thing, documentaries about Nina Simone, Taylor Swift, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez should make you happy. Though, it's an experimental doc about JonBenét Ramsey that you have to see to believe.

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