Feeling Extra Flirty Right Now? That’s Because Mars Is Back In Gemini

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Say goodbye to lackluster relationships this month, because things are (finally) starting to heat up. On March 3, Mars, the Planet of Action and Desire, is leaving stubborn Taurus to make its way into playful Gemini, April 23. This transit is ushering in some super flirty energy, so fire up your dating apps or carve out some intimate time for you and your partner — things are about to get hot.
Stephanie Powell, head of content for Astrology.com, says that this transit is perfect for amping up the playful, witty banter with your romantic partners. When Mars is in Gemini, "we aren’t drawn toward surface-level attractions, we want someone who can entice our mind and intellect with sharp and engaging words," Powell says. "There's also an increase in intellectual stimulation — the ability to learn from a partner and hold a dynamic conversation becomes even more important." Gemini loves thought-provoking dialogue, so when Mars moves into this sign, we're often more turned on by someone's wit than their looks.
If great conversation is something that your partnership is currently lacking in, Powell says that this transit might bring that issue to the forefront. Even if you don't usually have deep talks with your partner, try watching a controversial documentary or tuning into what's happening in pop culture to get the dialogue flowing; during this transit, it can double as foreplay.
Although things are getting steamy over the next month, we'll be a little all over the place, so try to keep yourself centered and grounded. "The key with Mars in this sign will be to not start too many projects, leaving everything unfinished," says Leslie Hale, psychic astrologer for Keen.com. "If we can conquer this tendency, we can accomplish a great deal." Some ways to keep yourself centered: Meditate for a few minutes each morning, make to-do lists each day, and keep your schedule simple so you don't lose track of important projects.
Gemini carries an airy energy, but Mars in the sign of the twin brings that vibe down to earth, making us want to take tangible actions, says Lisa Stardust, an astrologer based in New York City. "Being that Mars will now be orbiting the North Node of Destiny in Gemini, it’s a wonderful time to assert our needs and desires," Stardust says. "The caveat is that Mars in Gemini can be heavy handed with words," she adds. "There's a chance that we will all say mean things in the heat of the moment, most of which we’ll want to take back after we express our sentiments and stand up for ourselves." Be extra-careful about putting your foot in your mouth on March 23, when Mercury and Mars square off.
Another date to look out for, according to Powell, is March 22. But this one's a bit luckier: Mars will form a supportive trine to Saturn in Aquarius. "Although Gemini’s nature can be a little indecisive and non-committal at times, this interaction tasks us with aligning our commitments with our actions," she says. "If you’re looking to take action toward partnership, this is definitely a DTR moment."
As April approaches, Powell warns that Mars will stir up a bit of confusion as it squares off against Neptune, the Planet of Illusion and Fantasy. "While this can be a hyper-romantic time, we’re not seeing the full picture," she says. On April 9 in particular, "Mars and Neptune’s square will make us feel stuck and unable to take action," Stardust says. The best thing we can do for ourselves during this time is to persevere and push forward in whatever ways we can. The steps you're able to take during this time may feel small, but don't discount them — you're still making moves. And whatever work you do will really pay off once the tense square passes.
While Mars is in Gemini, our words have power — power to persuade, power to seduce, and power to help us get what we want. So while we'll want to use our words wisely, it's also a great time to speak up in our romantic lives, our personal relationships, and our careers. The world is listening.

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