The Bachelorette‘s Ivan Hall Wouldn’t Be “Comfortable” Doing Bachelor In Paradise With Chris Harrison

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Ivan Hall, the fan favorite of Tayshia Adams' season of The Bachelorette, is the most recent Bachelor Nation alum to share his thoughts on host Chris Harrison's decision to "step aside" from the reality TV franchise.
In an interview with E! News, the 28-year-old engineer from Dallas, Texas shared that he felt that Harrison's departure was the "right step." The longtime Bachelor and Bachelorette host announced his hiatus on February 13, a few days after a particularly shocking Extra interview with former Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay in which he defended current Bachelor frontrunner Rachael Kirkconnell's past racist actions.
Harrison's announcement was pretty vague, however, and didn't specify how long he'll be gone — something that Hall says doesn't sit well with him. "Going forward, I honestly don't know how this will all shake out," he said, "but for myself for example, if they have future shows and if they were to ask me to be on like Bachelor in Paradise or something like that — and I'm sure a lot of other contestants feel this way as well — I wouldn't feel comfortable if Chris is there, to be quite frank."
"[I'm] not saying he can't make a recovery, can't learn from all of this, but, you would just be too soon, really," he explained. "I think he needs to take some time really look into himself and really just have a lot of tough conversations and understand why he believes the things he believes at this point in his life."
On February 15, Lindsay addressed Harrison's exit, saying that while her intention was not to see the host step aside from his position, it's important for people to be held accountable for their actions in order to begin on any potential path to future growth. "Let’s not label, let’s not cancel, but let’s hold people accountable for their actions," Lindsay told Extra. "Let’s set the example in this generation so that we don’t repeat the horrific mistakes from the past and so we can unify and be the change that this country needs to make this society better for the next generation."
Hall expressed his frustration that for every step forward he felt the show and its producers were taking, they'd then take three more backwards. "The producers took care of me," he explained. "They showed my BLM talk. They showed my brother who is a felon with teardrops. And they made my family and my story look amazing for America. So I'm very appreciative of all that."
"But I must say I can't ignore what people who have gone on the show in the past have experienced and what the girls of Matt's season are experiencing now where they feel like they are being wronged and aren't getting a fair amount of screen time compared to their white counterparts," Ivan continued.
"The show kind of shows what white privilege is in America."

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