This New Netflix Hack Understands Your TV Obsessions Even More Than You Do

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Because of the vast catalogue of titles constantly being added to the streaming platform, finding new shows or movies to watch on Netflix can be overwhelming. But just when you were wondering what to tune into next, the streamer has released a helpful new feature that will automatically lead you to your next watch — and possibly your new favorite show.
Today, Netflix unveiled Downloads for You, an intuitive new feature for anyone watching titles on the go. In 2018, Netflix gave subscribers the opportunity to download films and numerous episodes of their desired shows on their mobile devices to stream even without internet connection. With Downloads for You, the streamer is taking things a step further by following the algorithm you set; the new feature automatically downloads recommended shows or movies to your mobile device based on your tastes.
Love Bridgerton? Of course you do — that's why it's Netflix's most streamed original project ever. But if you're worried about the social implications of watching that steamy "Wildest Dreams" montage ten times in public, Netflix has your back and will curate a downloads list of similar content for you to swoon over without you having to do the work. Now you can have sexy historical titles like Reign, Versailles, Outlander, and The Last Czars right at your fingertips, even when you aren't connected to the internet.
The amount of shows and films that you can watch on your mobile device is pretty much limitless at this point, but the smorgasbord of options might be a lot for your phone or tablet. Thankfully, you can opt in or out of this new feature; Netflix allows users to control just how much data (between 1GB, 3GB, or 5GB) you want downloaded to your device. Naturally, the more data you allow to be downloaded, the more recommendations the streamer will send your way. That means Emily in Paris hate-watchers stans will be automatically introduced other "quirky girl in the big city" stories for their viewing pleasure.
Downloads for You is currently only available on Androids, but this perceptive new feature will hit iOS devices very soon. This is one algorithm that you can trust.

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