The Bachelor’s Victoria Larson Is Really Leaning Into This Whole Queen Thing

Photo: courtesy of ABC.
She may have rolled up to meet Matt James in a gilded chair carried by footmen, but Bachelor contestant Victoria Larson is obviously not a queen — she just shares a first name with a pretty famous one. That was her big opening line during the premiere — "I'm Victoria, like the Queen," she said, referencing England's Queen Victoria who reigned from 1837 until 1901.
Victoria then said she was looking for her king, and put a plastic crown on Matt's head. But even though her queen schtick made it so far that it was listed as her occupation on her official ABC bio and in her onscreen chyron, it appears that Victoria didn't really lean into this queen stuff until The Bachelor. And her actual job has nothing to do with royalty.
Look at her Instagram and you'll see no mentions of crowns or royalty before she announced on December 11 that she was part of the new Bachelor cast and that her job title was "Queen." "Bio on point," she captioned the pic. Ever since then, she's doubled down on the queen title the show gave her. She's hashtagged posts with phrases like "#teamqueen, #queenlife, #royalaf, #royalty." She's also taken to captioning her photos with queen references like "I just took a DNA test, turns out I’m 100% that queen" and "New year same QUEEN."
She's also really into memes about her newfound title. She posted this collection before the premiere debuted on ABC:
Victoria's queen gambit appears to be just for the show to help her stand out during the limo exits. And I'd be shocked if the same Bachelor folks who have listed contestants' jobs as "Free spirit," "Pantsapreneur," and "Dog Lover" had nothing to do with it.
In real life, Victoria runs a mobile spray tan business called Jet Set Glo. On her website, she also offers health coaching sessions, detox plans, and beauty products. But Mobile Spray Tan Company Owner isn't quite as mysterious or memeable a job title as "Queen," so it's no wonder she (and production) ended up going with something a little more promo-worthy.
Perhaps Victoria will drop the queen act on the show now that the premiere is over, but she's really sticking with it on Instagram. A word of warning though: If she's angling to be the "queen of Paradise" she may want to take it up with Demi Burnett — she's had a firm grip on that title since 2019.

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