Why Taylor Swift Fans Are Pretty Sure There’s A Part 3 Album On The Way

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Pop music's reigning Galaxy Brain Queen Taylor Swift is always one step ahead, but her fans are not too far behind her. This time, Swifties believe they've caught on to her next plan, which is to release a third surprise album called Woodvale.
After putting together what seem like a few hidden clues, fans theorize that the singer's 10th full-length will serve as the follow-up to July’s folklore and December 11 sister album evermore. In fact, one Swiftie believes Woodvale will be the "little brother" of the three: "think of Taylor’s cats: Meredith, Olivia... and Benji," they wrote on Twitter.
When folklore came out this summer, fans spotted the word "evermore" hidden in the album's artwork — and now fans have made out the word "woodvale" in evermore's artwork. After looking up the word, fans found that it's a real place. In fact, it's an estate near the Lake District, which is referenced on Swift's folklore bonus track "The Lakes."
If not an album, fans believe "woodvale" could just be the name of the fictional small town where many of the stories she tells in her songs take place. "In the town, we have the school (attended by Betty, James, Inez, Dorothea, and Dorothea's unnamed almost-lover), the church, the infamous Olive Garden, the ritzy upper-class neighborhood (Where Rebeka and possibly Dorothea lived), etc," wrote a fan on Reddit. "Outside the town lies the Woodvale forest. The forest is magical, and life changing experiences can happen in there, if you allow its magic to guide you."
But most Swifties have reason to believe that it's an actual third album that will be released when winter turns to spring next year. They noticed that Swift has already released merchandise (including cardigans, scrunchies, and candles) in sets of three: purple for folklore, green for evermore, and blue for woodvale, perhaps? And if that isn't mysterious enough, if you search "woodvale" on Spotify, Swift comes up.
The same fan on Reddit perfectly nailed how the existence of Woodvale would fit into the broader narrative of the trilogy, and close out the narrative Swift has woven through the first two. They describe folklore as a narrator (Swift?) moving into the town of Woodvale, and describing the relationships and goings on of the people in the town. In evermore, however, the mood shifts as she ventures into the forest near the town. "She is reminded of her worst memories and experiences, but endures everything the forest throws at her, determined to finish her journey and see what lies ahead on the other side," they wrote.
Woodvale, they theorize, would be about her leaving the forest behind and reflecting on her journey, "saying goodbye but never forgetting what she learned from it, reflecting on how she's changed and found happiness & peace, which was the end goal of the trilogy," they wrote. "She lost herself so she could be found again, and Woodvale helped her do that. The real magic was perhaps not in the town or forest, but within herself all along."
Sounds like the perfect storybook ending.

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