A Tenet Character Guide To Make Your VOD Viewing A Bit Easier

Photo: Courtesy of Warner Media Entertainment.
The day has finally come in which we can all watch Tenet from the comfort and safety of our homes. To make your VOD viewing a little bit easier, we've put together a Tenet character guide. Disclaimer: In no way are we claiming you will better understand the plot of Christopher Nolan's twisty thriller after reading this, but, at least, you'll know who everyone is. Well, kind of since being elusive is kind of Tenet's thing. (The protagonist's name is "Protagonist" with a capital "P.") Besides, we're not convinced getting too in-depth about these characters' back stories will actually help clarify much. All you really need to know is that bullets travel backwards in this blockbuster starring a few Nolan movie staples (oh hello, Michael Caine!) a couple of kids of well-known Hollywood stars, and The Crown's future Princess Diana. Definitely score one for the girls over six foot, since Nolan had the courage to finally let Elizabeth Debicki be tall.
That's certainly not a spoiler, but, for the record, we won't be sharing any major plot points via this guide. It's likely you made it this far without having Tenet ruined for you because Tom Cruise was basically the only person who actually saw the film in theaters this summer. Mostly because most theaters weren't open this summer due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Still, we'll respect Tenet's privacy and let you stumble through the film all on your own with just a helpful primer of who you're about to see onscreen.

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