We Have A Lot Of Questions About Conspiracy Karen, Rudy Giuliani’s Star Witness In Michigan

Photo: JEFF KOWALSKY/AFP via Getty Images.
In the month since President Donald Trump’s election loss, his campaign has launched a series of unhinged attacks on the democratic process — and it’s been quite a circus. There has been no shortage of blunders, from the Trump administration’s press conference at the Four Seasons Total Landscaping — which sits between a sex shop and a crematorium — to claims last month that a small, wealthy Michigan suburb was allegedly a hot spot for organized antifascism. 
But it’s no wonder Trump’s uphill battle to prove election fraud is falling apart, because his trusty personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, is the person leading the fight. Throughout this process, we’ve seen Giuliani’s hair dye melt down his face at a press conference while he quoted the classic film, My Cousin Vinny. Since then, he once forgot the name of a judge in a Pennsylvania court, and was called out for his complete lack of knowledge of the state’s election code. 
It would seem having Giuliani as your leading man while trying to steal an election is not exactly a winning strategy. That was the case on Wednesday during yet another unhinged hearing in front of a Michigan House Oversight Committee as the White House continues to pressure legislatures in states won by President-elect Joe Biden to disregard the certified election results. In Michigan, the results show Trump losing to Biden by more than 154,000 votes. 
During the hearing, one of Giuliani’s very questionable witnesses — whom he later stated he met earlier that day — asserted the repeated and debunked claims that the election was rife with voter fraud. Melissa Carone, allegedly a contractor for Dominion Voting Systems, confidently and combatively slurred her way through her testimony. Carone claimed poll workers ran the same ballots through the machines “thousands of times," an allegation refuted by election officials, and was questioned on that point by State Rep. Steven Johnson. 
“I know what I saw, and I signed something saying that if I’m wrong, I can go to prison. Did you?” she said. 
Johnson further pressed Carone on her claim that 30,000 votes were counted multiple times. “We’re not seeing the poll book off by 30,000 votes,” he said. Carone then accused the representative of taking the poll book and doing “something crazy to it.” 
In yet another blessed moment for the internet, footage of Carone has now been widely circulated, with some, like Refinery29 Editor Morgan Baila referring to her as "Lizzie McGuire's mom," while others called her a "Drunk Karen Walker." At one point during her, um, spirited testimony, Giuliani attempted to shush a riled up Carone as she continued to interrupt Rep. Johnson.
The whole testimony truly felt like it could have been a skit right out of Saturday Night Live, which doesn’t exactly bode well for Team Trump, as many of their lawsuits have either been dismissed in court for lack of evidence or dropped. This latest hearing didn’t seem to accomplish much more, as Giuliani ended up trying to save face before later struggling to get through his own testimony without also making a mess of himself.
But as evidenced below, that might not have gone well either:

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