Come On, Amazon — You Can’t Leave Us Hanging After Ending The Wilds Like That

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Warning: This story contains massive spoilers for Amazon Prime's The Wilds.
Amazon's new original series The Wilds follows the misadventures of a ragtag group of teenage girls who are forced into a survivalist lifestyle after a violent plane crash strands them on a secluded island in the middle of the ocean. As each day passes, our young but plucky heroines must tap into their unique skill sets to ensure their survival and make it back to the lives that they were so traumatically ripped away from. Over time, however, we learn that the freak accident that brought them together wasn't much of an accident at all, and the shocking final episode reveals a much greater conspiracy. Something seriously sinister is afoot.
The story of The Wilds is told through flashbacks, with the surviving girls (played by Sarah Pidgeon, Reign Edwards, Shannon Berry, Sophia Ali, Erana James, and Jenna Clause) recounting their stories in interviews with two men who appear to be looking into the circumstances of the plane crash. Each girl traversed a unique path before ending up on the island; hyper-competitive athletes, a conservative beauty queen, a genius-level bookworm, and an amateur survivalist are just some of the personalities that make up the group. Though they all came from different backgrounds (class, race, sexuality, and even religion), their common downward spirals led them to Dawn of Eve, Gretchen Klein's (Rachel Griffiths) self-help camp for young girls who just need a push in the right direction.
But Dawn of Eve isn't exactly the kind of camp that the girls (nor the audience watching from home) thinks that it is. As it turns out, the whole thing is a sham, a complex scheme put together by Gretchen and her company as part of a twisted social experiment.
The camp seeks to rehabilitate struggling teenage girls by forcing trauma on them, intending to use extreme, life-threatening hardship to rid them of the character traits that sent them to the camp in the first place. Aside from the unexpected death of Jeanette (Chi Nguyen), a double agent assigned to regulate the experiment from the inside, much of what takes place on the island is a direct result Gretchen's evil machinations. It's really dark.
The demented case study comes to a head when Leah's (Pidgeon) suspicions about the island are accidentally confirmed by Nora (Helena Howard), the other double agent participating in the experiment. Naturally, Leah wants to blow Nora's cover so the gang can end their 30 days of suffering, but she misses her chance when yet another tragedy strikes in the wilds —Nora ultimately gets killed while trying to save her fraternal twin Rachel (Edwards) from a shark attack. Gretchen hesitantly pulls the plug on the island-portion of the operation, faking a rescue and keeping their girls under close watch at a nearby facility.
Being stranded in the wilderness will change you, we discover; some among the group have lost limbs, others have lost their teeth, but all of the teens are haggard and emotionally drained as they attempt to explain what went down on the island. Leah is still rightfully convinced that something sketchy is going on, and she sets out to find out the secrets of the fortress where she and her friends are being held. What she stumbles upon in a control room is beyond anything that she could have ever imagined: footage from an eerily similar scenario on a mysterious island, but its survivors are a group of boys. The Dawn of Eve has a brother research project called The Twilight of Adam, and a number of teenage boys are working through their own chaos after being stranded on a deserted island — all while Gretchen and her team watch the disaster play out.
"What the fuck?" Leah exclaims, breaking the fourth wall to make eye contact with the camera. Don't look at me, girl; I'm just as shook as you are.
With an ending like that, Amazon really has no choice but to give us another season of The Wilds. We just spent the last ten episodes getting to know the control subjects of The Dawn of Eve, but now that we know there's more research going on, we have to find out the backstory of The Twilight of Adam camp. Even more pressing than that, we need to get Gretchen's evil ass the hell out of here before she can kidnap more teens for her sick social experiment.

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