The Obamas Are Reportedly Working On A Comedy About President Trump’s Monumental Failures

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It’s rare that a former president will openly criticize the presidential policies of his successor, but in the case of Donald Trump, former POTUS Barack Obama just can’t hold back his feelings anymore. Now, his and the rest of the world’s hot takes about 45’s struggles with being the Commander in Chief are going to be memorialized in history, taking the form of a Netflix series.
The G Word With Adam Conover is a developing Netflix original show that will look back at Trump’s tumultuous (understatement) transition to power following his election as President of the United states. Based on Michael Lewis’s 2018 book The Fifth Risk, the show will see host and comedian Adam Conover (of Adam Ruins Everything fame) picking apart the president’s policies towards the Departments of Energy, Agriculture, and Commerce.
While it may feel like the Trump administration has lasted for eons, the current president was only elected four years ago, and his transition into power was one of the most chaotic shifts this country has ever seen. Department heads were hired and fired at will, long-established protocols were broken, and the government agencies were a complete mess. The G Word With Adam Conover will re-enact that time period with humor and finesse for Netflix, partnering with the Obamas' production company Higher Ground Productions. Production for the series is set to begin in 2021.
Conover confirmed the news of the show in November, sharing that he is excited to be working with the Obamas on what is sure to be a controversial project.
"Very happy to finally be able to share this news: I'm creating a new comedy series for Netflix about the federal government," he tweeted. "It's called The G Word, and I can't wait to share it with you."
The G Word with Adam Conover is one of many projects in the pipeline for the Obamas — they have a whole slate of films and shows that are in the works. Higher Ground Productions famously produced the Oscar-winning documentary American Factory, and they plan on following up its success with projects including Frederick Douglass: Prophet of Freedom, POC-focused period drama Bloom, and anthology series Overlooked.
While it will be the first Trump critique that is officially co-signed by Obama, The G Word is far from the first TV show/film to expose the current president's failures in the Oval. In October, Hulu released Totally Under Control, an investigative documentary that revealed just how much the Trump administration mishandled the current coronavirus outbreak despite knowing about it for months.
By the time The G Word is released on Netflix, we'll be living in a post-Trump world following President-elect Joe Biden's official inauguration, so the subject matter will be a disturbing but distant nightmare memory.

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