Is It Me, Or Does Little Olivia Look…Different In The Princess Switch: Switched Again?

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Warning: This story contains slight spoilers for Netflix's The Princess Switch: Switched Again.
In Netflix's 2018 holiday hit The Princess Switch, Vanessa Hudgens was double-billed in the lead roles; she famously played both Stacy DeNovo and Lady Margaret Delacourt of Montenaro, a pair of doppelgängers who trade lives on a whim after a chance meeting. The highly-anticipated sequel to the Christmas movie marks the festive return of the lookalikes (plus a third counterpart, this one blonder and far more chaotic), but it also features another switch-up — and it's not one that you saw coming.
Viewers will be reunited with Stacy and Margaret in The Princess Switch: Switched Again, meeting the pair two years after their famous exchange. A lot has changed for our leading ladies since we last saw them. For one thing, Stacy isn't a baker anymore; she's keeping busy as the Princess of Belgravia after marrying her true love Crown Prince Edward (Sam Palladio). Margaret has some major personal developments of her own, hastily preparing to take the throne after the sudden death of her father and abdication of her uncle.
So, where's Kevin (Nick Sagar), the regular guy in all this? Not in Montenaro with Margaret, sadly. It turns out dating a royal isn't all fairytales that make it out to be; the couple's serious differences ultimately led them to calling it quits. As a result, he's back home in Chicago, sporting a breakup beard and halfheartedly baking cupcakes. Luckily, Kevin has his daughter at his side. But baby girl sure does look...different.
Yes, I know how time works, and yes, people look different as the years go by. But this isn't your standard case of puberty — The Princess Switch really just pulled an Aunt Viv on us and replaced little Olivia.
Alexa Adeosun played Kevin's spunky daughter in the first movie (you can spot her five seconds into the trailer, above). Because she's very close with Stacy, the precocious child initially wanted her dad to find love with his fellow baker, but the universe had different plans in store for the lifelong friends thousands of miles away in Belgravia. Though she was only a child, Olivia played a big role in helping Stacy and Kevin find love with their prospective partners. She was a regular Cupid!
Years later, Olivia is still very much in the business of hooking people up, but the character isn't played by Adeosun in the sequel. As if we wouldn't notice (these two look nothing alike!), Netflix cast newcomer Mia Lloyd to play the once wily kid, now a wily pre-teen. Thankfully, that's only thing that has changed about Olivia since we last saw her. She's still on a mission to help her dad reunite with the woman of his dreams, even if it means that Stacy and Margaret have to switch places once again. Chaos will inevitably ensue, but Olivia will be there to keep things under control.
There's already a third Princess Switch film reportedly in the works for a 2021 release, so I'm expecting yet another doppelgänger to complicate things for Stacy and Margaret somehow (don't think too hard about possible storylines). Fingers crossed that that's the only reversal we'll see — Olivia can't be switched every single movie... right?
The Princess Switch: Switched Again is now streaming on Netflix.
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