How To Help With The Georgia Senate Runoff Elections — & Where To Donate

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The Senate runoff races in Georgia are going to be key to Biden having a successful presidency: If Democrats win both races, there will be a 50-50 split in the Senate, making it possible to get more progressive agendas through without too much trouble. On Jan. 5, 2021 (and before, thanks to voting by mail), Georgians will vote once again. With so much riding on this runoff, how can you help? 
If you want to turn your organizing efforts to helping the Democrats win in Georgia in January, there are plenty of places to donate and ways to get involved with phone banking, text banking, and more. Stacey Abrams herself has emphasized that donations to her organization, Fair Fight, could seriously help determine the outcome of the election.

Donate and volunteer virtually

You can donate directly to Jon Ossoff’s campaign and Raphael Warnock's campaign, or to and Fair Fight. Currently, Fair Fight is raising public awareness and launching mass mobilizations in Georgia to get out the vote. But there are also other on-the-ground organizations and initiatives that will need donations and resources in the coming months. You can also donate to Black Voters Matter or Asian-Americans Advancing Justice-Atlanta, which are both working to protect voter rights and mobilize people. 
If you don’t have the money to donate — or do, but also want to help out in other ways — both the Warnock and Ossoff campaigns are actively recruiting people to work with them, even if you don’t live in Georgia. The Warnock campaign is looking for people who can help amplify their content on social media. And the Ossoff campaign is hosting daily phone banks, which are easy to sign up for and which you can participate in no matter where you live.

If you live in Georgia, mobilize on the ground

One of the best ways you'll be able to help is if you live in Georgia. If you're in-state, you can volunteer for the Warnock and Ossoff campaigns on the ground, or work with organizations that are currently mobilizing voters. There are in-person canvassing opportunities, as well as opportunities to work at the polls with the Georgia Democratic Party, too. This includes participating in voter protection volunteer opportunities, to make sure that there’s no voter intimidation. Additionally, the Warnock campaign is urging voters to help get friends and family to vote. So if you’re a resident, there’s a lot you can do simply by speaking openly about the election and having conversations with people about why it’s important. 
However, if you don’t live in Georgia and are considering coming to organize or fundraise there, give it some reflection before you go. Many people online have said this isn’t helpful, especially given safety issues surrounding the pandemic. It’s likely best to donate or offer your time and efforts from afar, and let the people already on the ground in Georgia do the work. 
Stacey Abrams’ organization Fair Fight, along with local electoral organizers are doing the work to gain unprecedented voter turnout, and to fight voter suppression. Abrams is also urging whoever can to help win the runoff. "We have seen what is possible when we work hard and when we work together. We know we can win Georgia. Now let's get it done, again,” Abrams said in a statement this week.

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