Harry Styles Brought His Sister Gemma Along To Make Vogue History

Photo: David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images.
If you take a look at the spread you can see why — the 26-year-old singer’s daring and playful relationship with fashion is one that will likely serve as an inspiration for generations to come. Another thing you’ll notice, if you’re not lost in all the decadent ruffles and chiffon, is that in one photo in particular, Styles is joined by his sister, Gemma Styles.
It might come as a surprise that Harry even has a sister — she’s not often in the spotlight or a subject of the paparazzi's fixation like the singer — but they seem to share a close bond nevertheless. When asked about her brother’s music, Gemma shared with Vogue that she “loves” Harry’s voice. “I’m so glad that he makes music that I actually enjoy listening to,” she said. On her Instagram, she posted about the shoot along with a heartfelt caption: "Vogue December 2020 @harrystyles The first man to appear solo on the cover of American Vogue. So proud of who you are. Thanks for asking me 💕"
Gemma is a creative herself: She's a writer, and has contributed articles to Teen Vogue, Glamour, and even Refinery29 UK. According to her website, she mainly tackles subjects like mental health, feminism, sustainability, and lifestyle, "learning along with her audience." She also shared that she also likes "salted snacks, dark denim, clean bed sheets and sarcasm," and dislikes spiders and small talk (relatable). Like her brother, she's also dipped into the world of fashion and designs sunglasses. Currently, she has a collaboration with Kenmark Eyewear.
Another Styles trait? Spreading kindness. Gemma just launched a podcast called Good Influence, in which she'll bring "insights from some really interesting people on a variety of subjects including ways we can be more sustainable, discussions on therapy and mental health in the media.” The name seems to stem from the fact that she's amassed a huge social following (6.2 million followers on Instagram, where she posts stylish selfies and couple shots with her boyfriend, Michal) and wants to use her influence for good. "I know what a privilege it is to have so many of you taking in the things I put out so I try to make sure that, at least some of it, is informative and makes you feel good about yourself and the world," she said of her newest venture.
Now, we'll just patiently wait here for a Harry Styles x Good Influence crossover event.

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